Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

Orlando International Airport

OM Engineering was contracted by Hubbard Construction for preparing the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for the Orlando International Airport Taxiway C Resurfacing. This plan includes a report and set of site plan drawings describing all activities for providing adequate stormwater and stabilization control measures and facilities in order to prevent the construction activity negatively impacting the quality of the connected drainage areas. The report describes the current conditions and all of the proposed construction activities, and substantiates the total area, amount of soil area to be disturbed and all BMPs (Best Management Practices) to be installed. Detailed instructions are given for controlling each type of pollutant and inspection procedures for the BMP’s. A detailed site map was prepared to identify the locations and quantities of each item stated in the SWPPP report. Also, attached drawings indicate all pertinent information to SWPPP, such as project phasing, staging and hauling areas, flow lines, etc.