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Nimesh Bhavsar, p.e.

621 E Washington St, Suite 8, Orlando, FL 32801



Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, University of Florida, 1993



Professional Engineer,

#56861, Florida


Bridge Design, University of Central Florida, 1996

Advanced Steel Design, University of Central Florida, 1996

Masonry Lintel and Wall Design, University of Florida, 2001

FDOT Load Rating Seminar, November 2005

FDOT Design Conference, August 2006

Advanced Florida Building Code, January 2007

FDEP Stormwater Erosion and Sediment Control, June 2007

FDOT Advanced Traffic Work Zone, July 2012



STAAD Pro, STAAD etc., RCPier, CONSPAN, FlaPier, Merlin-Dash, Descus I, Descus II, ATLAS, MathCad, Exel/Lotus/Quattro Pro, MsWord, GEOPAK, FB-Pier, and Microstation




Florida Engineering Society

American Society of Civil Engineers, Structural Board - East Central Branch, Orlando Florida


Nimesh Bhavsar is the President of OM Engineering Services, Inc., with over 28 years of experience, specializing in design and analysis of structures. His expertise includes design, detailing, and analysis of concrete and steel bridges, mast arm/sign structures, retaining walls, strain pole design, and reinforced concrete box culverts. Mr. Bhavsar has also established experience with conducting structural inspections and the design/construction of bridges. Examples of design and inspection work include overhead sign structures for FDOT District 1, 2, 7, 3, and 4, water control structures, water tanks, and bridges. Mr. Bhavsar’s experience has involved geometric design using GEOPAK and production for sections and details of all components of a structure.


OM ENGINEERING SERVICES, INC. (OME)                                                                (2005-Current)
Kirkman Extension, Orlando, FL, Private Developer/ FDOT/ Orange County, Project Manager

OME designed the extension of Kirkman Road South, from Carrier Drive to Universal Boulevard at the existing intersection with Tradeshow Boulevard, approximately 1.7 miles for Universal Orlando in association with Orange County, FDOT, and local Utility Companies. OME was the prime consulting engineer and hired sub-consultants. OME scope included Drainage Design, Structural Design, Utility Coordination, Miscellaneous structures, and Project Management.

North Lake Regional Park Parking Improvements, Lake County, FL, Project Manager

OME designed a new asphalt parking area containing approximately 300 parking spaces including 12 handicap spaces. The project involved the design of new parking lot, driveway, sidewalks, signing & pavement markings, stormwater system, ponds, lighting system, and project management.  Geotechnical, surveying and landscaping services were provided by OME’s subconsultant teams.


SR 710, Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District 1 (D1), Okeechobee, FL, EOR

The design of S&PM, the design of mast arm locations, signalization design, and other associated design components.

Sand Lake Widening, Orlando, FL, Private Developer, Project Manager
OME was responsible for developing plans for adding an additional right turn lane to an existing six-lane roadway. The right turn lane also served as an entrance to the adjacent property. Two existing 3-way intersections were also converted to 4-way intersections to serve the adjacent property owner. Four new mast arm signal structures and two new span wire signal assemblies. The four-mast arm structures utilized standard FDOT configurations. The span wire signal structures had spans of 265’ and 276’. Structural design utilized the ATLAS program.

Columbia Street from Sligh Boulevard to Orange Avenue, City of Orlando via Wantman Group, Orlando, FL, Engineer of Record

Responsible for developing Lighting Plans and Signing & Pavement Marking Plans documents to reconstruct and modify existing Columbia Street from Sligh Boulevard to Orange Avenue.

SR 417/Florida’s Turnpike Interchange Ramp B1 over Town Center Boulevard, Orlando Orange County Expressway Authority, Project Manager

Responsible for the new ramp bridge for the turnpike interchange. The new 147-ft single span, 60” FIB pre-stressed beams bridge was designed according to FDOT Structures Design Manual and LRFD Specifications.

Turkey Lake Road at Wallace Road Intersection Modification, City of Orlando, Engineer of Record (EOR)

Responsible for providing plans for the construction of a secondary entrance for a property at the intersection of Turkey Lake Rd and Wallace Rd, located in Orlando, FL. The project involved modification of curb returns, signing and pavement markings at the intersection along with design of a new two-lane concrete road linking the intersection to an internal asphalt road and design of a chain link fence rolling gate that tied into the existing fence around the property.

Volcano Bay Park – South Parking Garage/Tram Road Modifications, Orlando, FL, Private Developer, Project Manager OME provided varying engineering support, including structural engineering, for Volcano Bay Park

Our responsibilities involved modifications to the South Parking Garage at Universal Studios Orlando in accommodating the Park, including the structural design of new standalone structures within the parking garage (guest services building, employee support building, and four guest services kiosks), modifications of the existing parking garage slab for foundation support, modification/new construction of the parking garage sidewalls, banner pole design (external from the garage) and master arms design (external from the garage).

Sand Lake Widening, Orlando, FL, Prince Contracting, LLC, Project Manager

OME was responsible for developing modified maintenance of traffic plan sheets for Phase 2A construction of project 407143-5-52-01 and Phase 2 of project 407143-4- 52-01, working alongside the contractor.

SR 100 from CR 315 to Holloway Rd, Design/Build Trail Project, FDOT District 1, Project Manager
Responsible for the design and layout of 4.2 miles of a new all-purpose trail. The trail is 12-ft wide asphalt trail utilizing the existing CSX corridor. The trail also included 2 pedestrian bridges over creeks. The bridge spans were 75-ft and 50-ft.
South Lake Trail, Lake County via Commercial Industrial Corp., Lake County, FL, EOR

Responsible for the design the foundation for a CONTECH bridge placed for a South Lake Trail Phase III project in Lake County. Based on the preliminary information provided by the Client (CIC) the proposed bridge span ranged up to 120 ft. long in clear span. Bridge reaction and loads were provided. The project also included realignment of the trail design and the embankment of the bridge.

SE 43rd Avenue Bridge Replacement over Relief Canal (Taylor Creek), FDOT D1, Okeechobee, FL, Project Manager

A new bridge was designed to replace the deficient and obsolete bridge over the Taylor Creek relief canal. The new 47-ft single span, 45-ft wide pre-stressed slab bridge was designed according to the FDOT Structures Design Manual and AASHTO LRFD Specifications.

Whitaker Road Load Rating Analysis, FDOT District 3 (D3), Holmes County, FL, Project Manager 
Responsible for Load Rating Analysis of a pre-stressed concrete beam bridge on Whitaker Rd spanning Lighter Snag Creek using FDOT LRFD Pre-Stressed Beam program and CONSPAN as a sub-consultant to Michael Baker Jr, Inc.

Dunn Avenue Extension over I-95, Hubbard Construction, Volusia County, FL, Project Manager

Project includes Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) plans for bridge construction over I-95, and Temporary Signing & Pavement Marking, all plans for the construction of Dunn Avenue Extension for the extension over I-95.

Load Ratings – Districtwide FDOT D1, Project Manager. Sub-Consultant to KCA, Load Rating for over 25 various types of bridges ranging from Complex Steel Truss to Timber existing bridges.

Elevated Water Tank Restoration, City of Ormond Beach, FL, Project Manager

Responsible for providing an assessment on existing repair plans and aid in the implementation of changes to the repair plans. We also provided an engineering estimate for the total project cost.]

Parking Lot Modification, Private Developer - Reviewed by City of Orlando, FL, Project Manager

Responsible for providing necessary design modifications to project plans for a new parking lot at an existing laundry facility.


17-92/Lee Rd Mast Arms, Orlando, FL, Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), District 5 (D5), Project Manager

Responsible for the Structural Design and associated structural elements for a 4-pole signal at 17-92 & Lee Rd, a one-pole signal at Webster Ave. & Lee Rd extension, and Structural calculations at 17-92 & Webster Ave.

F-4D Phantom Vietnam Memorial at Colonel Joe Kittinger Park, City of Orlando, EOR

OM Engineering provided structural engineering support for the Vietnam Memorial monument. Our responsibilities included structural calculations for monument attachment, foundation design support, and structural pedestal design for the monument. These services were a charitable contribution to the Vietnam Memorial.

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