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OME has provided site-engineering services to numerous public agencies, architects and the private sector for over 15 years.  Recently completed projects include the multi-disciplined design and construction administration of additions and renovations to numerous healthcare facilities, educational facilities, commercial and institutional sites, State and Local bridge rehabilitation and replacement projects, large State Park developments, parking facilities and environmental projects related to flood control and dam construction. 

• Roadway Design
• Permitting
• Grading
• Maintenance of Traffic (MOT)
• Lighting
• Signalization Design
• Signing & Pavement Marking Design
• Stormwater Design


We provide civil engineering design services for private and public sectors. Our design plans bring expertise to the site layout and conform to governmental regulations and local permitting requirements. 


Our expertise includes roadway planning and design. We help our client’s achieve the accessibility needed to complete a successful project. With each project being different, our engineers are experienced in providing the best practical and cost effective transportation solution for the site.


OME site, highway or street lighting design meets or exceeds AASHTO & IES guide lines and is a means of improving the urban environment through increased comfort, convenience, and safety of night traffic operation using the state of the art LED lighting systems. It has been shown by many studies and observations that there is a considerable reduction in accident rate during night because of proper lighting in urban, suburban and rural areas regardless of the class of highway. It is also observed that the proper application of modern lighting techniques undoubtedly results in a noticeable and significant reduction in the number of fatal and non-fatal accidents as well as a reduction in the severity of those accidents that do occur despite improved lighting techniques.


 We provides permitting services for land development and design, platting, and procedural requirements. OME has a full-time permitting coordinator with extensive experiences with local, state and federal agencies.  Their only role is to ensure all project permits are obtained and tracked to final certification.


OME design services include designing, preparing construction plans, and writing specifications for traffic signalization. Such work involves capacity calculations, signal operating plan development, timing calculations, equipment location, pole and foundation designs, etc., and requires a basic knowledge of traffic engineering studies and traffic signal retiming.


OME provides Site Grading Plans, specifies design elevations, surface gradients, lot types, swale locations, and other drainage related information required for site development. A Site Grading Plan establishes the grading relationship between adjacent properties and its approval is an effective basis for the control of surface drainage.

Signing & Pavement
Marking Design

At OME, we approach signing and pavement marking design (SP&M) with a focus on creating sustainable, technologically innovative, and appropriately scaled solutions. We work as trusted advisors to our clients to balance cost and schedule while developing creative, functional plans and designs. Our knowledge and experience cover the full spectrum of potential assignments. We know the challenges facing our transportation clients and what it takes to deliver smart solutions that keep people moving.

Maintenance of

We also provide traffic-engineering services in conjunction with many civil engineering projects.  One example is our experience in implementing designs to maintain traffic flow during construction, providing plans for shifting three traffic lanes across highway medians, navigating traffic detours, and completing highway signalization.


OME provides stormwater design services for a wide variety of municipal, state agency, and private sector clients through out Florida. Our civil and structural engineering staff are experienced at evaluating site-specific drainage characteristics and designing stormwater management systems that are compliant with state and federal requirements. We have developed stormwater plans and specifications for many categories of public infrastructure projects, including highways and bridges, for many public and private-sector clients. We will walk the client through the permitting process to assure proper permits are submitted.

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