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Richard D. Bobletz, P.E.

621 E Washington St, Suite 8, Orlando, FL 32801



Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, University of Florida, 1983


Professional Engineer,

#40049, Florida


FDOT Advanced Temporary Traffic Control

FDOT Specifications
Package Preparation

FDOT Variation and
Exception Preparation

& Drainage

FDOT Pavement Design

FDOT Contract Time Estimate

FDOT Lane Closure Analysis

FEMA Floodplain Analysis

Primavera Project Manager Scheduling Training



Microstation with GEOPAK, AdiCPR v4.0, StormCAD Secondary System Design, HEC-RAS, HY-8 Culvert Analysis, USGS WSPRO Bridge Analysis Model, Kentucky Pipe Program, AutoCAD, Primavera Project Planner & Project Manager,  MS Office Suite




American Society of Highway Engineers (ASHE),

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE),

Transportation and Development Institute


Richard D. Bobletz has over 30 years of comprehensive experience in leadership and management of teams in support of Major and Minor Highway design projects including PD&E Studies, Preliminary Engineering Studies and Final Design for state and local agencies. His additional experience includes Site design, Residential Development design, all types of Stormwater Management system design and Permitting projects including Bridge Hydraulic Reports, Conceptual Basin studies, Water and Wastewater system design, permitting including lift stations, Construction Observation and Administration.



OM ENGINEERING SERVICES, INC. (OME)                                                               (2022-Current)
Hartwood Marsh Road, Roadway Improvements, Lake County, FL. Project Engineer

Mr. Bobletz is the lead roadway engineer for the roadway and drainage network improvements for this project. The project involves modifying existing intersections, existing roadway, adding roadway lines and modifying drainage networks.

Turnpike Mainline MM 190.5-198.5 – Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise

The project included the milling and resurfacing of the section of the Turnpike from MM 190.5-198.5. Responsibilities included providing Typical Section Package, 15 Design Exceptions, Design Variations and Design Memos, Pavement Design and Cross Slope correction design documentation in accordance with FTE guidelines and format for the aspects of the project that did not meet FDOT or FTE design criteria and were proposed to remain.

Miscellaneous Design – Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise

Task #1: EOR for ERCAR for Mainline from MM 178.29 to 185.00 in Indian River and Okeechobee Counties. Included field data gathering, document research, writing ERCAR, developing recommendations for deficiencies based on FDOT and FTE standards and criteria.

Task #2: EOR for ERCAR for Mainline from MM 234.95 to MM 238.76 in Osceola County. Included field data gathering, document research, writing ERCAR, developing recommendations for deficiencies based on FDOT and FTE standards and criteria.

Task #3: Initial EOR (did not sign and seal final document) for ERCAR for Mainline from MM 138.13 to MM 153.23 in St. Lucie County (southern half of County) including 5 miles of ramps. Included field data gathering, document research, writing ERCAR, developing recommendations for deficiencies based on FDOT and FTE standards and criteria. Three interchanges with ramps were included in ERCAR.

Task #4: Contributed to ERCAR for Mainline from MM 265 to MM 267 in Orange County. Included field data gathering, document research, writing ERCAR, developing recommendations for deficiencies based on FDOT and FTE standards and criteria. Three interchanges (265 - SR408, 267A - SR429 and 267B - SR50 with ramps) were included in the scope of the ERCAR.

SR500 (US192) at Hollywood Blvd. – FDOT District 5, Brevard County

The primary purpose of this project is to improve the intersection of SR500 (US192) at Hollywood Blvd./Evans Road by adding turn lanes and widening Hollywood Blvd. SR500 (US192) is a four-lane divided, urban facility with a grassed median with a posted speed limit of 45 mph. Hollywood Blvd. south of the intersection is a three-lane urban section and Evans Road is a three-lane divided rural section. Roadway improvements include left turn lanes added from EB/WB SR500 (US192) to NB Evans Road and SB Hollywood Blvd. A receiving lane for the WB to SB turn lane will be added onto Hollywood Blvd. and will require additional right-of-way along the west side of Hollywood Blvd. Exclusive dual right turn lanes with curb and gutter, from SB Evans Road to WB SR500 (US192) will be added and a new sidewalk will be provided adjacent to the proposed turn lanes to accommodate pedestrians within the corridor. New sidewalk connecting from SR500 (US192) to the signalized Mall Entrance intersection will be provided along the east side of Evans Road. Drainage will be designed with additional inlets to accommodate the new turn lanes. The proposed improvements will include milling and resurfacing of the existing the travel lanes, replacing the mast arm signals, upgrading pavement markings, replacing existing curb ramps, installing pedestrian lighting and improving the ITS system. Mr. Bobletz’ responsibilities included the roadway, drainage and signing and pavement marking designs along with coordinating the subconsultants including survey, geotechnical, signalization and ITS.

SR46 (Wekiva 3A) from east of Vista View Lane to East of Round Lake Road - FDOT District 5, Lake County

This project which of the widening of SR46 (Wekiva Parkway Section 3A) from east of Vista View Lane to east of Round Lake Road. The design included widening SR46 from a 2-lane rural roadway with swales to a six-lane divided roadway with a bicycle lane and sidewalks in each direction. The scope of Mr. Bobletz’ responsibilities for this project included production of plan sheets, profile sheets, signing and pavement marking plans, pavement design, drainage design and environmental permitting, structures design including signals and overhead signs, maintenance of traffic design, quantity and cost estimating, LRE updates, utility coordination, specification package preparation and subconsultant (geotechnical, structural, surveying and lighting) coordination. Mr. Bobletz also supported the FDOT in right of way takes for this widening project.

I-75 PD&E Study 

FDOT District 1, Sarasota, DeSoto and Charlotte Counties, Florida. Project Manager and Engineer of Record for the Pond Siting Report (PSR) and the Location Hydraulics Report (LHR) for the Project Development and Environment Study (PD&E) for the widening from four lanes to eight lanes of this 21- mile section of I-75. The purpose of the PSR was to evaluate pond sites (40 basins with 20 alternate sites) and alternatives to recommend conceptual stormwater management facilities required due to the roadway improvements and to provide the methodology proposed for the permitting of the project through the SWFWMD once the project goes to the final design phase. The LHR analyzed 30 cross culverts using HY-8 with the purpose of determining if any impacts to floodplains and floodways occur because of the roadway and associated drainage conveyance system improvements proposed in the PD&E Study and to address those impacts.

Silver Lake Drive

Seminole County, Florida. This project consisted of the widening of the existing two-lane rural East Lake Mary Boulevard from CR 427 to the Sanford/Orlando Airport Entrance Road (industrial area) to four-lane divided and the design of a four-lane divided Silver Lake Drive from the Sanford/Orlando Airport Entrance Road to SR 46/SR 415 (rural area) in Seminole County. The scope of the project included a Final Engineering Report for both segments that analyzed several alignments within the corridor. The report analyzed the existing and forecasted conditions including right-of-way, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, traffic demand and identified cultural and community facilities within the corridor, hydraulic and natural features, possible threatened and endangered species and existing and proposed utilities. This process included presenting the findings to the Public in several Public Involvement meetings and a final presentation to the County Board of Commissioners. Final design responsibilities included conceptual analysis, design and permitting (SJRWMD and FDOT) of wet detention ponds for eight basins, design of an enclosed collection and conveyance system and design of cross culverts ranging in size from a single 18” RCP to a triple 10’x10’ concrete box culvert for flood control. Additionally, wetland impacts were mitigated with offsite conservation areas which required re-writing a conservation easement.

East-West Expressway - Western Extension

Responsibilities included the design and permitting of the eight dry retention ponds and associated secondary drainage systems from Kirkman Road to Good Homes Road. Responsibilities also included being Project Manager during construction. These activities included reviewing shop drawings, attending monthly progress meetings and construction engineering.

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